Presenter Information

Preparation of Visuals:

  • PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU PLAN TO USE COMPUTER PROJECTION, YOU MUST BRING EITHER YOUR OWN LAPTOP COMPUTER WITH THE APPROPRIATE PRESENTATION SOFTWARE LOADED OR A USB THUMB DRIVE CONTAINING YOUR PRESENTATION. You can upload files to the local PCs in the lecture rooms during the breaks between sessions. To avoid software compatibility problems (MS Powerpoint), you are advised to EMBED ALL FONTS in your Powerpoint file AND bring a backup PDF-version of your presentation.
  • ┬áPlease be sure to bring any adapters needed to connect to a standard VGA Video Connection; also please bring your own power supply or adapter.
  • Please arrive in your session room 15 minutes BEFORE the start of session to report to the Session Chair. A proctor will be available to provide technical assistance.

General Considerations:

  • Limit the number of words per visual to no more than 20.
  • Leave space, at least the height of a capital letter, between lines of text.
  • All fonts, including that on graphs, should be 18 point or larger.
  • Graphs and charts should have bold lines and symbols that contrast sharply with the background.