Ciphers & Keys

A5L-A: Ciphers & Keys

Session Type: Lecture
Session Code: A5L-A
Location: Room 1
Date & Time: Wednesday March 22, 2023 (15:20-16:20)
Chair: Swastik Brahma
Track: 8
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3054Secret Key Generation from MIMO Channel with or Without ReciprocityYingbo Hua, Ahmed MaksudThis paper presents a generalized channel probing (GCP) method and a generalized pre-processing (GPP) method as two consecutive frontend steps for secret key generation from an MIMO channel between two multi-antenna legitimate nodes against a multi-antenna eavesdropper (Eve). The degree of freedom (DoF) of the secret key capacity (SKC) of GCP/GPP are highlighted and discussed. If the number of antennas on Eve is larger than or equal to the larger number of the antennas on the two legitimate nodes, the SKC-DoF of GCP/GPP within each coherence period equals its minimum, which is either zero for non-reciprocal channel or the product of the numbers of antennas on the two legitimate nodes for reciprocal channel. Otherwise, the SKC-DoF of GCP/GPP increases with the number of random transmissions in GCP within each coherence period regardless of the channel reciprocity. A computational algorithm required for GPP is also discussed, and its performance illustrated via simulations.
3202Forward and Backward Private Dynamic Searchable Encryption with Better Space EfficiencyYexuan Liu{2}, Yohei Watanabe{1}, Junji Shikata{2}Dynamic searchable symmetric encryption (SSE) provides efficient update and search operations over encrypted data, while it leaks some inconsequential information to increase search efficiency. Since the more dynamic SSE allows leakage, the easier it is to break its security, it is important to realize efficient schemes with less leakages. For that reason, most recent works on dynamic SSE focus on forward and backward privacy, which are important security notions for dynamic SSE. In particular, Sun et al. (NDSS 2021) recently proposed Aura, an efficient dynamic SSE scheme with forward and backward privacy. Although Aura provides good update and search efficiency, it requires large encrypted database. Taking into account the practical use of dynamic SSE, i.e., search systems that many users involve, the sizes of encrypted databases should be small enough. In this paper, based on Aura, we propose a new dynamic SSE scheme with forward and backward privacy, called Aura+; it provides not only efficient update and search operations but also smaller encrypted database than Aura, though Aura+ requires a few more interactions than Aura.
3005FPGA Based Emulation of B92 QKD ProtocolUmar Mujahid{2}, Madiha Khalid{1}, Muhammad Najam-Ul-Islam{3}The global race to achieve quantum supremacy has made the design and development of quantum safe cryptography protocols inevitable. In the absence of commercial quantum computers, the classical computing based quantum system emulations are being used for the design and testing of quantum algorithms. In this paper, an FPGA based emulation of quantum system is tested for algorithm design by implementing the abstraction of B92 algorithm. The results of emulations are compared with the theoretical results of B92 algorithm for the performance bench-marking.